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The power of your voice

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it...

How to project your voice efficiently?

We all know the importance of being heard.

The power of a voice comes from projection rather than mere volume. Using your voice and intonation will help you:

  • Generate enthusiasm and excitement

  • Stress importance

  • Compare and contrast two different ideas or things

  • Re-engage the distracted

  • Create a sense of urgency

  • Appear knowledgeable and credible

The body houses the voice, providing it with shelter and protection. The voice is therefore a function of a set of physical properties of the body. When you try to project your voice by pushing harder, muscles contract, so breath flow is restricted and sound vibrations are dampened and diminished by tension. More work produces less sound. By contrast, if you relax and open up, breath flows generously. Sound vibrations flourish and travel further.

To prepare the body for voice work, we need to release tension, align our posture and feel centred and grounded.

Misalignment of posture can produce chains of tension in the body, restricting the effectiveness of the components vital to a dynamic and supported voice.

To prepare the body for voice work, we need to release tension, align our posture and feel centred and grounded.

Where the voice is concerned, the effects of tension held in the body are far reaching. Tension held in the shoulders, the upper part of the chest, the neck, the jaw, the spine, the lower back, the abdominal muscles, the feet and even the knees will to some degree work towards locking the voice.

So try it now, align and centre your posture. Release the tension and project your voice.

Having an energised and connected vocal presence has more to do with the intention and desire to communicate with your audience than with simply speaking more loudly. Whether you are addressing a large group of people presenting or in a meeting or involved in a more low-key, one to one exchange, the principal element is to remain, present, in the moment, and connected to the people you are communicating with.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you would like more advices and tips, join us for one of our workshops or book a one to one session today!

Speaking louder doesn’t create a powerful voice.

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